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Day 116/365 – I love that one “plus side” to my crisis of technology is that I can use film shots!

Since I couldn’t upload photos day-of during the Crisis of Technology, it has actually allowed me to use film photos for some of those days. I said early on that I wouldn’t get to post photos taken on film here often, because I generally do not shoot and develop a roll of film all on the same day for the purposes of posting  them on this blog. I had a couple of weeks on my hands, thanks to the broken computer sitch, and I was therefore able to get film developed that I’d taken over that period of time.

So, here ya go: a photo I took with my Lomo LC-A on the evening of 116/365. And a very nice day it was! “Laundry Day”, a trip to the mall with friends, and an evening on the Fox and Hound patio.

(Brian might not like this photo I’m using, but I know for CERTAIN it was taken on 116/365, and fits the requirements of this Project 365 :))


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