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Day 110/365 – I love how cheery my shiny red shoes make me feel!

Red shoes are kinda my “thing.” My signature, if you will (and I certainly will.) By far, my favorite pair of red shoes I’ve owned are the bright red ones with the white buckle. So “favorite” in fact, that they began to fall apart and I still refused to quit wearing them. I had bought the shoes in 2008, I believe, so it wasn’t as if I could just go pick up another pair at Payless.  Then I got a brilliant idea: I could search ebay for these shoes! So I did! Et voila! I have “new old stock” shiny red shoes. They’re PERFECT! And having them makes me so so happy.


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  2. […] not secret that I love red shoes. These are Holly’s red heels, and they were a thrift store find. She wears them to work […]

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