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Day 109/365 – I loved driving around with Ashley, blasting Destiny’s Child!

I would say that my few close girlfriends have at least one thing in common: a shared love for Destiny’s Child, whether it’s a love that out in the open or a love that is a guilty pleasure.

On 109/365, Ashley came to my apartment. I made lunch, and she surprised me with the fact that her friend Aaron had let her borrow his Mini Cooper for the week. Squeee! Ashley and I decided to go for a ride, not really having a destination. It was so we could drive with the windows down, listening to Destiny’s Child, enjoying Aaron’s Mini. It was so fun! I would that every day of my life were filled with such simple pleasures.


One Comment

  1. shoot. i’m glad you took this when i was only going 10mph.

    although, i would have looked a lot more hard if it would have been at 97.

    but i’d be down one friend…

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