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Day 98/365 – I love making birthday treats for my friends! 


Day 96/365 was Drew’s birthday, but it wasn’t until 98/365 that the Memphis friends could get together to have dinner in honor of Drew. I wasn’t able to make it that night, due to work, but I was able to send something in my behalf: birthday treats. 

I asked Drew what sort of birthday cake he would like – he had heard that I made a mean chocolate stout cupcake (with stout beer), and thought he’d like to try that. Because Drew’s so great, I made a two layer cake for his birthday instead of cupakes AND made a beer and sugar glaze to go on top. Yum yum! For the faint of heart who don’t eat baked goods with alcohol, I sent along some almond cupcakes. I thought it was only fair.

I really enjoyed  this cake for Drew, and I hope it went over well at his birthday dinner!

I guess you might say that my computer dying would count as a “Crisis of technology”, eh?


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