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Day 95/365 – I love realizing “Whoops! I collect pipes now!”

I bought two pipes a couple of weeks ago, originally as props for a photo shoot I have in mind for a certain friend. When I was shopping for the props, I began to develop a fondness for pipes. By the time I left the antique store, I thought “Hmmmm. I might have to start collecting pipes.”

I went back to the antique store on 95/365 to look for another pipe to use as a prop and ended up coming away with two instead. And I’m pretty in love with those latest two. They have so much character. It’s like any well-used object you find. You can tell where the previous owners’ hands wore down certain spots on the pipes. I can think about these pipes being used by someone, maybe on a daily basis. In my imagination, these pipes were kept in the inside pocket worn by an older gentlemen, and smoked while enjoying a drink in the evening.

Then again, I’ve been known to be prone to flights of imaginative fancy.


One Comment

  1. yes, yes, yes!
    pipes have that effect on me, too!

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