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Day 93/365 – I love my Mamaw’s apron!

My Mamaw (maternal grandmother) passed away in 1999. She was a true matriarch of her family, which included her preacher husband, her ten children, and twenty-something grandchildren. The cooking gene skipped a generation – it passed right over my mother* and onto me.  We have a lot of recipes that Mamaw wrote on index cards and which were always in my mother’s kitchen when I was growing up. At some point after my Mamaw’s death, my mother found this apron that had belonged to her mother and gave it to me. It makes me very happy to have this apron. It’s a piece of my Mamaw’s spirit, in a way of saying, and even happens to be the style of apron I’d pick out for myself anyway. It’s perfect.

*Mom can cook – it’s just she seems to have had her nuff of it since she got us kids outta the house. Most family holidays are spent at a Mexican restaurant now…


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