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Day 89/365 – I love Veronica Raney, Sr.!

I’m pretty much Veronica Raney, Jr., so, using my skills of logic, I think that would make my mom Veronica Raney, Sr. And while this is obviously not the most artistic portrait of either one of us, I think it gets the point across. I’ve had people I’ve not seen since I was a child, walk up to me in the supermarket and say “Are you Veronica’s daughter? You have her face.” Yep. Tis true. I also have a lot of my mom’s characteristics and quirks – can’t tell a joke with a straight face, mother to all around me, and the “frown smile.” The apple doesn’t fall FAR from the tree.


One Comment

  1. Aww. It’s mom! And Amanda, The One Who Looks Like Her!

    (As opposed to me, The One Who Looks Kinda Like Esther. Or Her Dad. Either One.)

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