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Day 84/365 – I love having a [very small] measure of success in crocheting!

We’ve already covered the fact that I’m quite the avid knitter, but crocheting was something I’d never tried my hand at. Recently, I’d begun to feel as if I’d like to conquer crocheting.  As it happens, Ashley crochets, I asked her a few weeks ago to show me how to crochet. She said “do this and this” and I tried…I just didn’t do very well! I tried and tried, stayed up late at night practicing with my yarn and crochet hook. Finally, FINALLY, this past weekend, I was able to crochet this purple scarf. It’s definitely not perfect. I mean, I’d never let my Aunt Edna (crocheting master) critique my work. But I’m still proud I completed this scarf and will wear it proudly. Until it’s too warm to wear scarves anymore in about two weeks.

I took this on 83/365, with intentions of using it for my shot of the day. I went with something else, but didn’t want this “love” to not be featured. So I delayed it for a day.


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