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Day 75/365 – I love Tuesday lunches at the auction!

I used to work with my family’s catering company, which caters meals at an auto auction a couple of days a week. My friend Jeff’s mom also worked with the catering company, so he would come to the auction to eat lunch most weeks. I took my lunch breaks when Jeff was there. We laughed so much every week that the other patrons knew, when they saw Jeff walk through the door, I was going to get a big smile on my face.

After I no longer worked at the auction, my schedule didn’t allow me to have lunch there. I missed my Tuesday lunch tradition with Jeff! But my new work schedule is such that I’m finding I can go to the auction for lunch again. This hasppened on day 75/365, and Jeff brought along our old friend, JoelG, who was visiting Memphis.

Tuesday lunches at the auction are just as fun as they ever were. I love that.


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