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Day 67/365 – I love signs of growth!

It’s almost spring in the northern hemisphere of this planet. Things are starting to sprout. New growth is on its way. You can take that in a literal or metaphorical sense, if you choose. I think I’ll take it in both senses of the word.

I planted these seeds last Monday. They’re in a tiny pot shaped like an Easter egg. They’ll be daisies one day. Not all of the seeds I sowed have germinated yet, but this little one just popped up today. It’s so tiny (this photo is an extreme macro!), but I always think that seeds which have sprouted are some of the most hopeful things in the world. You know they’ve gone through the process of being sown into the soil, have begun to take root, and are beginning to have life.

I can’t wait to see this little sprout bloom.


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