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Day 64/365 – I love grocery shopping!

To some people, grocery shopping is a mere chore. To me, it’s one of my favorite activities. I even consider going to the grocery store with a friend a fun way to hang out. I’m serious about that. I love going up and down every aisle I can. I don’t know if there’s any rhyme or reason to my love of grocery store/grocery shoppping. In fact, I missed my train when I was leaving Birmingham (in England) and going back to London, because I was walking around a supermarket in Birmingham. Cost me $50 to get a new ticket on such short notice…

But,  what can I say? I really love grocery shopping.



  1. I love grocery shopping too! I think part of it is being thankful I CAN, and part is the enjoyment I get from providing food for my house, and part of it is the thrill of the coupon sales!

  2. Omygoodness me too! Hang out at the grocery store! Haha.
    All of your pictures are AMAZING AMANDA! 🙂

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