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Day 55/365 – I love the all-important set list!

When most bands or musicians play a gig, there is a set list  – that is to say, a list of songs they will perform at that gig.  I love set lists A lot of people enjoy getting the list of songs from a band they just saw, as a memento of seeing that band play. I think that’s pretty cool. I like mementos.

I, however, just think my enjoyment of seeing set lists comes from my general love for lists. If I can see the set list while the band is playing, I can even mentally check off each song as it’s played, in the same sort of satisfying way I can check things off of my own to-do lists.



  1. And also, from your love of seeing Mom’s set lists growing up, so we could figure out about how long the singings were going to last.

  2. I love peaking over the monitor onstage and seeing what is next. Although, I must admit, I’ve only done it a few times, and when I saw Ingrid Michaelson, she smiled at me and put her foot over it.

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