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Day 47/365 – I love David Barton’s kitchen! (it’s my muse)

Last time I took photos of Richard, we did the shoot at his friend Davids’s house. We got a lot of great shots, but my favorite thing about that house was the kitchen. I was there again last night, and once again, couldn’t get enough of the kitchen. I love all the wood paneling and wallpaper and the stove and just the overall warmth and ambiance. I want to do portraits in that kitchen forever ever.

New category of Project 365 post? Delay of game day? I was planning on posting this photo as 46/365, but then Eli showed up and I had to put off declaring my love for this kitchen for another day. It’s not the same as a cheat day or make-up day. So it’s a delay of game day. I just decided.


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