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Day 41/365 – I love this quarter!

Glad I was working the cash register at the bakery today. Otherwise I would have missed out on finding the object pictured above. I discovered this quarter in the register’s drawer and loved it, so I swapped one of my own normal quarters out for it so I could have this one.

I know. It’s just a 25 year old coin that’s been painted, but it’s red and I couldn’t not have it. I think I’ll make the quarter into a necklace – when I was younger, my dad made me a pendant from a quarter that was minted in the same year I was born. Dad used to put quarters in a certain part of a car’s engine to perform a certain task (I will ask him the details one day.)  The result was a quarter that was all warped and usually turned into a bowl shape. For both my sister and for me, dad used quarters that were from the years of our respective births in a car’s engine, drilled holes in the top, and gave them to us as necklace pendants. I really loved mine, but I haven’t had it in years and years. I believe it was left in a car my brother totaled and was junked along with the car.

So, I think I make make a necklace out of this painted quarter. Or  find out if anyone I care about was born in 1985, and give the quarter to that person.



  1. I know how you feel. I used to cherish quarter that was painted green, back in the day. It got lost in the move…
    Do a tutorial on quarter warping! Crafty!

    • I’m glad you can relate! And if my sister still has her quarter necklace, I’ll photograph it to show you!

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