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Day 36/365 – I love British red telephone boxes!

Ooh la la! I hope newcomers to Amanda World are starting to get the picture: I love England and British stuff. I, like a lot of people, think British red telephone boxes are the coolest. Even before visiting England, I loved photographing the phone box in Oxford, Mississippi. I certainly did use red phone boxes whilst in England though. Now, I live very close to another phone box that’s been transplanted from the UK to the Mid-South.  So I decided photograph it for the Amanda Loves Project tonight! And was quite glad that my camera has weather seals, since it was raining tonight…



  1. You loyalist…..

  2. So brave to take it out in the rain. Is it water-resistant?

  3. ooh what a pretty picture! I’m lucky enough to live near a real one in nottingham and i’ve taken quite a few photos of it!

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