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Day 28/365 – I love Lit!

Allow me to explain: Lit is a restaurant supply store in Memphis. I know about it mostly because of my family’s ties to food services. Basically, my love for all things kitchen-related means I’m completely mesmerized by a trip to Lit. A kid in a candy store, if you will. Almost the same way I feel in a camera shop. Imagine a warehouse filled with the sorts of things you’d find at restaurants (like the pitchers they pour your soda out of , silverware, etc), as well as lots of cool baking-related items – icing tips, cake pans, cardboard bakery boxes – all the little items that are essential to a baker’s life. It’s the sort of place where I have to stop myself from just wandering around aimlessly. I’d just stay there for hours, going up and down the aisles over and over.

In  love with that place!


One Comment

  1. I love Lit too! (Did you know, well I guess you didn’t, that the husband of one of my friends at church just started working at Lit, Jr. a few months ago? He really loves it!)

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  1. […] ways with my family after we’d finished up at Burke’s. I mentioned that I was going to Lit, and asked Jason if he needed anything for an upcoming catering event. He said […]

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