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Day 27/365 – I love this plate!

*ahem* I know you’re engrossed in the food porn in front of you, but please try to look less at the cupcake and more at the plate it’s sitting (though, this WAS a vegan cupcake from the first batch of cupcakes I made at my job ♥)

This is a cheat day not out of necessity but in order to pay homage to my favorite plate at my job. The one with the pretty concentric blue floral pattern . We have a lot of swell odds-and-ends saucers at work but I loved this one so much. Yes loved. I’m paying homage because I discovered that a chunk was broken off of it today. So sad! Though I love it no less now and it seems life will go on for the saucer. I think they’re going to fix it and hang it on the wall. It seems I’m not the only one who had strong feelings of affection towards it and who would hate to see it go. My favorite plate won’t be completely out of my life. Just out of my food photography life, as it is repurposed as a piece of art on the walls of Muddy’s. Hence the fact that I’m giving it a shout-out in today’s “Amanda Loves” project!



  1. u are adorable… ur blog is so cute.. and um i want that cupcake..

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