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Day 25/365 – I love learning to NOT procrastinate!

What does what seems to be (but isn’t) a stock photo of a commercial washing machine have to do with the above “I love” statement?

It’s the best way to demonstrate what I’m learning about not procrastinating. I won’t go into my long history (and family legacy) of procrastination or how I used to wait until the night before a paper was due to write it and tell myself “I work best under pressure.” I will, however, tell you how I’m learning to change these tendencies I have towards procrastination.

As we have discussed before, in order to do laundry, I have to take my clothes to a coin-op. Finding the time and energy to lug both myself and my clothes across town to a laundrymat  is not my fave chore. That’s why I try to wait as long between laundry days as possible. There comes a point though when I can choose to  put it off ONE more day, or go ahead and do it. For  instance, I don’t work until the late afternoon on Tuesdays, so I definitely have time to get up in the morning and make a trip to the coin-op.

BUT. I’m completely off work on Sundays and Mondays. I can use an hour of out one of those days for doing laundry. Sometimes I do put it off  instead of doing it on one of my free days. And I regret it. Sure, washing clothes at some weirdly lit place that smells funny isn’t my favorite way to spend a day off, but I can tell you that I have never once said, “Oh gosh, why did I get my laundry out of the way on Monday instead of doing it before work Tuesday?” I do say, “Man! Why didn’t I do my laundry yesterday?! I could’ve been chilling at my apartment right now instead of doing this on my way to work.”

And that is the lesson I am learning: I never regret getting a task completed in a timely manner, yet I hate the feeling I get when I have put things off til the last possible moment.

So, yeah. I’m starting to kinda love not procrastinating.


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  1. That is SO weird – our pastor preached a sermon a couple of weeks ago which mentioned procrastination just an itty, bitty bit, but that bit stuck with a LOT of folks – including me. That next week, I had my most productive week (maybe ever) at work.

    We need to “reverse the (procrastination) curse!”

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