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Day 24/365 – I love knitting!

I love being a knitter.

Knitting was always something I’d been interested in, but was certain that I was not coordinated enough to learn. I went so far as to buy a kit that had a DVD to teach knitting, watched it, and thought, “Huh???” I didn’t learn a thing. I’m more of a hands-on type of learner! My dear friend, Annie, came to the rescue though. I remember quite well the August 2005 night at the Skatepark of Memphis, when Annie took about 5 minutes to show me the basic knitting stitch. Though it was just a 5 minute lesson, I took the ball and ran with it. I became an avid knitter pretty quickly.

You know, there are some things you can learn, like sewing or cooking or guitar, where you seem to just progress to a certain level (that level usually being described as “mediocre”), and can’t seem to get any further with your skills. For me, I feel like I can keep going and going with this knitting thing. I mean, I feel as if it’s something at which I get better every year. Though my initial tutorial on knitting was only 5 minutes, with time,  I found ways to teach myself to do the purl stitch, increase and decrease stitches, how to modify patterns to make what I wanted, and lots of other things that will just sound like gibberish to you non-knitters out there. I’m sure those who knit would tell you, and I find it to be true for me, that something about the rhythm of knitting that has a soothing effect on the person doing it. It even has  some strange effect on my ADD brain, wherein I become both hyper-focused on the act of knitting and somehow retain more of conversations I hear while I’m doing it (maybe there is scientific research to back me up??)

It may be weird to wax philosophical about knitting, but it amazes me how with just two basic types of stitches, you can make almost an infinite number of designs with all the different combinations that you can make of knit and purl stiches, and buy changing the size of your knitting needles and/or yarn.  Kinda like it’s amazing that the entire English language is made up of just 26 letters. Or how, if you think about it,  with variations of the same basic 7 musical notes that exist, both Beethoven and The Beatles created their catalogs of work.

(Though I am not describing myself as either the Beethoven or the Beatles of knitting  *grin*)


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