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Day 17/365 – I love waist level finders!

Just like day 16/365, this is one of those posts that falls under the category of “camera stuff” and would be well-suited to a more detailed essay on Shoot With Personality (and I’ll likely write a more detailed account of this stuff on there soon.) But I love camera stuff so much that I’m sure there will be lots of “Amanda Loves” days dedicated to various pieces of camera equipment.

Today is about how much I love waist-level viewfinders in cameras. Even you non-camera folks know about putting your eye up to the little window on the back of cameras, squinting your eye, and taking the picture. Well, cameras with waist-level viewfinders don’t need you to put them up to your eye or squint to take the picture. As the name indicates, the camera is held at your waist, you look down into it, focus the camera, and compose the picture that way. I looooove this. I’ve got a few cameras that have these sorts of viewfinders (like the Yashica twin lens camera I used for today’s photo.) And another type of camera I’m in love with also is used this way.

Just like I said in 16/365, I feel just a bit cooler when I use equipment like this. Photographers even seem to get more notice from random humans we encounter in life while using funky looking light meters and holding cameras at our waists while taking photos. I reckon it’s because everyone is so accustomed to seeing the sterile digital cameras being used all over the place these days. Equipment like this makes a person stand out. While shy violets like me are just appalled at getting unwanted attention from strangers just because we bust a move with camera stuff not often seen in the digital age, I guess it’s just part and parcel of using equipment from a time gone by…


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