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Day 16/365 – I love my Soviet-era camera equipment!

In the spotlight today: My Leningrad 4 light meter.

With the resurgence of Lomo in my life, I decided to pull out the Leningrad meter to use with my cameras that don’t have built-in meters. I feel so cool when I use a piece of equipment like this. Sure,  maybe it’s not the most accurate meter in the world, but who cares? It has awesome kitch value for me, between the fact that it just looks vintage and the name of the meter is written in Cyrillic on both the meter and the leatherette case in which it is housed. I feel especially awesome when taking photos in a public place with equipment like the Leningrad 4 meter. It has a neck strap, and I’m sure people think I look SO pro when I’m using it to meter shots. They don’t know that I paid like $5 for it years ago and that its exposure readings off by a substantial amount!

And, for goodness sake, please glance at the manual for this thing if you have a chance. I quote from it’s strangely worded English translations “to avoid errors in determining the shutter speed by the reflected light method at nature shooting, it is advisable that the meter window should be inclined somewhat towards the ground.”


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