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Day 12/365: I love first tries!

I’m no perfectionist. No sir-ee bob.

I am really fond of getting things right the first time I attempt something new though. I like to pretend I’m a prodigy when that happens. But I’ve even come to appreciate my “first tries” at new things.

Take this pie for instance. Last week, the bakers at my job made cherry pies with the prettiest lattice tops. I thought, “Hey, I wanna do that!” Then I realized: I’ve only ever made a pastry pie crust once in my life. Yikes! Really, for all I have conquered in the world of baking, pastry-style pie crust is something I only made once before. And what’s more, I DEFINITELY didn’t perfect crusts when I did one that once. So not only was I attempting the lattice design, something I’ve never tried before now, but I was working in a medium with which I have little experience.

I found an online tutorial for the lattice technique. I put the best of a few fruit filling recipes together into one which I found pleasing. And I set out to make me a lattice crust!

Turns out I need more experience with working with pastry crust dough. And perhaps more counter space on which to roll dough out. Annnnnnd other cooking technicalities that I won’t go into since this isn’t a cooking blog.

HOWEVER. Considering it was my first try at a crust like this? I didn’t think it turned out all that bad.  My crust didn’t turn out as awesome as I would’ve liked. I would’ve felt bad to the bone if I’d hit it out of the park right away. But I learned about what I can do differently next time to make a better pie crust.

And that, my friends, is why I love first tries: Your first try at something new doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s good enough if it turns out just sorta alright that first time. Or even if you kinda failed miserably just a little. You don’t owe yourself or anyone else an apology when you don’t succeed 100% when you attempt something new. With some luck, you can learn from the experience and hit it out of the park next time.


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