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Day 11/365: I [secretly] love being forced to dress up on laundry day!

Here’s the deal: I don’t have access to a washer/dryer at my apartment. That means I have to go to a coin-op laundry to wash my clothes. I thought that was exciting at first, but the novelty wore off REAL quick. Once I’ve exhausted all clean casual clothing options, I have to pull a dress out and strut my stuff in it. When people want to know why I’m so dressed up, I sigh and say “Ugh! Laundry day! The only clean clothes I have are dresses!” I moan about it, but I actually sorta love throwing on a dress and strange combinations of tights and flats, or (even better) empowering tall black boots.

People think I’ve put in extra effort to look nice on days like this, when in reality it’s a result of my small wardrobe and laziness about going to the coin-op. That’s just between you and me though. *wink*



  1. Hey, that dress looks kinda familiar …

  2. I’m the same way, except I don’t always enjoy tottering around on heels. 🙂 Our washer broke a while ago, and we’re waiting for the clunky appliances program to start before buying a new one. This ( was taken at a laundromat!

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