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Day 10/365 – I love lists!

I love lists so much. I’m pretty lost without them. I generally keep pocket-sized notebooks and scrap pieces of paper handy, with words scribbled on them in order to help jog my memory. My dazzling talent  for conjuring up the most minute details held in my long term memory is matched only by the uselessness of my short term memory. I can remember my friends’ work schedules and doctors appointments better than they can, but can’t remember what I was supposed to pick up at the store 5 seconds after I thought of it. That’s where lists come in. The alternate title for this post could be “I love scratching items off of to-do lists!” because, for me, there’s not much that’s more satisfying than completing a task and being able to mark it off a list.

I always think list-making is a trait of someone who is highly organized and proficient. For me, it’s a trait of someone who isn’t highly organized by nature, but is trying to overcome that one step at a time.


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