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Day 6/365 – I love me and muh green hat!

My precious green knit hat with the flower on it. It was was originally purchased so I could don the beautifully colored hat when I went to London-town in 2006. Which I did. And, in all actuality, this is version 2.0 of that green hat. You see, I lost the original on the London Tube one night. I believe the night I went to Somerset House, if memory serves. Sadness! I kept a record of things I lost while in England: Oyster card. Striped gloves. Green hat.

When I returned from England without my hat, my mom thought I needed another go at owning one. She bought a replacement for me. The exact model which I lost on the Tube. However, my second chance at love with my green hat was short-lived. Probably in early 2007, my niece (who would’ve been 5 or so at the time) decided one day she needed to wear my hat and scarf (to be like her “Aunt Manna.”) Since that day, the pretty hat and I have been separated. However, this love affair has a fairytale ending: my sister happened upon the beloved green hat recently and brought it back to me just after Christmas. Huzzah! Reunited and it feels so good!



  1. Love it! Green is your color. And I’m so glad I found it – I was actually looking for the grey hat you gifted me!

  2. Hmmm…this explains =]

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