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Day 4/365: I love Mom’s “post-Christmas” presents!

Every year, without fail, my mother brings out things in the weeks following Christmas that she meant to give us for Christmas. Every year. This happens partially becauase Mom is a bit scatterbrained (hello, hereditary ADD!),  forgets that she’s bought little things for us during the months leading up to Christmas, and that she’s secreted them away. I went to my parents’ house last night, and she brought in some orange marmalade, dish towels, a vegetable peeler, and silicone pot holders, and said “Happy New Year!” I said “Did you buy these as New Year presents, or did you forget to pull them out at Christmas?”

I’ll give you three guesses at her answer, but I don’t think you’ll need more than one.

Gotta love it though…


One Comment

  1. And Jason still hasn’t gotten his present from mom!

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