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Day 1/365 – I Love This Purse!

This photo is actually the thing which gave me my “11th hour” inspiration for what I’d be doing for my Project 365.

I saw the purse sitting on my stool and decided it’d be a good picture. This very “Amanda” purse was actually a Christmas gift from my mother to my sister Melissa. I admit that when my sister opened the gift from my mother, I thought “Wait a minute! Why did I not get that!” Not out of a sense of jealousy, envy, or because I begrudged Melissa the purse; I actually picked this purse out and showed it to my mother as something I’d like to have. I know Mom didn’t say “I know Amanda wants this purse, but I’m going to buy it for Melissa instead. That’ll get Amanda good!” My sister was in need of a new purse, my mother knew this, and she bought one for Melissa. Little did my mom know that my sister had actually bought herself a purse the week of Christmas, with some money she’d received as a gift.

Melissa said I could borrow the purse because she could tell that I really wanted it, and besides, she felt it was more my style than hers. It was a really sweet gesture and I do absolutely love the purse.

And so that’s how I came up with the idea for the Project 365. I took a picture of this purse I loved. I realized that I do love an awful lot of things and the theme of “things I love” would not be too constricting, time consuming, or involve any sort of financial investment in order to complete the year-long photo project. I didn’t have to cook my way through Veganomicon, find a new flower to photograph every day, or take a Mr. Potato Head with me everywhere and take its picture for the blog. I could just document things, people, and places I love on a daily basis as I encounter them, and share the photos and likely a little story about the photo every day. I’m looking forward to the process of going from 1/365 to 365/365. Should be an interesting journey!

(The terms and conditions of my Project 365)


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