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A project.

A goal.

365 days.

New Year’s Day is often a time when people not only reflect upon the happenings of the previous year, but also look towards the future. Looking towards the future is also a chance to set goals for the year to come. This usually comes in the form of resolutions.

I don’t set resolutions at the beginning of each year because I tend to “resolve” myself throughout the year. I also feel like resolutions can sometimes feel as if you’re setting yourself up for failure. People can be hard on themselves because maybe sometimes breaking  a resolution can feel as if you’re breaking a promise to yourself.

What’s the point of all this New Year’s musing fro me?

I want to start a 365 project. For those not familiar with the concept, a 365 project (or “Project 365“) is where a person, generally through the use of photos, documents or carries out a certain theme for 365 days. Some do self-portraits. Some take a particular object and photograph it every day for a year. Others just vow to take a shot a day, with no theme, and post the results online daily.

I never thought I could keep up with such a thing. Lately though – meaning, this week. The week OF New Year’s. Aka REAL late in the game to start entertaining the idea of a Project 365 – I have wanted to commit to something like this. Maybe it was watching Julie and Julia a few days back.  Maybe it was talking to a friend about his own photographic project for this coming year. Maybe it was the need to stick to something that made me want to start a project. Whatever it was, I definitely got a “bee in my bonnet” about it.

Unfortunately for me, I started thinking about this so close to the New Year beginning that I had to come up with something and do it fast! I toyed around with a few ideas, bounced a few ideas off of people. As per usual, I had my flash of inspiration at the 11th hour (or in this case, about 10 a.m. on January 1): My theme could be photographing things which I love. I liked this idea because its scope could reach into many parts of my life, ranging from people I love to ideas I love, from objects I love  to places I love. This may actually be hard, because I love lots of people places and things. With this project, anything which I find pleasing or lovely, I can photograph and put on this blog.

Whether or not anyone else cares, reads this, or looks at the photos, I know that this will be a good project for me.

The Ground Rules:

Now, as I mentioned earlier in this post, sometimes people are hard on themselves when they make a committment to themselves and aren’t able to live up to it in the manner in which they intended. This could possibly happen to me. I’m setting up a few “cheats” which may help me along the way. I’m doing this because that, as it’s MY project, I can conduct it in the way I find will best suit me. For instance, due to the fact that I work almost full time, as well as have full family and social lives and lots of hobbies, I may find that I don’t have time to “trip the shutter” some days. Rather than beat myself up about this or write a bunch of apologetic blog posts about “Why there is not picture today…”, I am going to allow myself this cheat: Seeing as I love a lot of things, there may be days that I have more than one thing to photograph that I love. I prefer to only post one per day here. So, I’ll have a little stash of photos that I can use for those days. I will definitely make it plain on those days that I’ve done that, rather than taken a new picture that day.

Also, I am a very film-based photographer, though I foresee using mostly my digital for this project. There may be days when I take a photo with a film camera but am not able to develop the roll that day and get it on the computer that day. In that case, I will back-date a post with the date the photo was actually taken. Some days, it could just be a less-than-high-quality camera phone photo I have to use if that’s the only photographic equipment I had on that particular day. If I fall behind in posting, even if I took photos for each day, I will get things up to date ASAP, even if it means I put in three days’ worth of blogs up on one day.

As you can see, there is some flexablility in my Project 365 because I am all for the structure of a project like this, but I’m also not going to make things so strict on myself that I get frustrated and give it up all together.

So, to those who may see this or run across this blog, thank you for your time and I will be quite pleased if you would like to watch this journey unfold with me throughout 2010.



  1. That is the best idea, ever. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

  2. Will there be a set in your Flickr stream?

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